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Past Examples of our Ongoing Education
If you have a seminar or workshop you would like to offer, please contact us! We can schedule and promote your presentation!
Throughout the year, the Cleveland Chaptr of the IAQA brings you education you can use.
Inspections, Remediations, Ventilation, Insulation.
Building Officials, Health professionals, Inspectors of all types!
Building science, Health science, general science.
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Critically Acclaimed Workshops
 Green Roofs and Living Roofs - What a great seminar this was! Who knew how easy it is to plant a roof, lower heating/cooling costs, and lower your CO2 output.
Putting the "V" back into HVAC - ASHRAE 62, importance of balancing and design, and the impact on energy consumption.
 Practical Best Practices for Residential Ventilation
 Insulation and Ventilation for the NEW Conditioned Space
"Common Failures of Building Science"
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